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Italian natives are busy away and getting your words pronounced...

There is nothing finer than sitting outside an Italian cafe, indulging in an Italian coffee and watching the world go by. So to help you get by in a cafe situation, we have developed this lesson in the order of the situations you could find yourself in when visiting a cafe. As lesson 7 was more tedious as it involved important verb learning, you should find this lesson more fun.

Click on the green Italian word once, to hear the word(s) spoken in Italian, the blue words shows you how to say the word phonetically. Throughout the lessons you will be asked a question, try and work out the answer before clicking on the Answer click here button.

When you click on the green word you will hear it spoken by an Italian native twice, the first time it will be spoken very slowly and clearly enabling you to hear how the word(s) should be spoken and the second time at a more normal speed.