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Beginner Italian

Essential Italian for Beginners

Essential Italian Basics

Unsurprisingly many people travel to another country without being able to even say please or thank you. This lesson is designed to teach you some basic words that reflect politeness.

Using A and The in Italian

"The" and "A"

Italians have two ways of saying "the", with everything referred to as being either masculine or feminine.

Counting in Italian

Numbers 1-20

If you don't know your numbers in Italian, how will you order your morning espresso? We begin with numbers 1-20, easy, quick and very useful.

Intermediate Italian

Italian Cafe

The Cafe

There is nothing finer than sitting outside an Italian cafe, indulging in an Italian coffee and watching the world go by. To help you get by in this social situation, we have developed this quick lesson to help you fit in like a local.

Who doesn't love a freebie? As language enthusiasts we thought we would contribute a little to the community with three introductory lessons and one intermediate lesson, all of them free.

We hope that you enjoy each of these free italian lessons, if you can put them into practice straight away then great!

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