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Learn and Speak Italian consists of 22 easy-to-manage on-line lessons that help build your vocabulary. We explain every word and sentence, giving your an exact word-for-word translation that enables you to use these words repeatedly, creating your own sentences.

Our lessons reflect everyday situations you are likely to find yourself in. Below are some extracts of our free lessons, starting with the basics.

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Example from Lesson 1: The Essential Basics

Go ahead and click on an green Italian word below to see how it all works.

The word in Italian for Yes is

Si see

And the word for No is

No no (as in not)

The word for Please is

Per favore per fa-vo-ray

And the word for Thank you is

Grazie grats-yay

So how would you say in Italian No thank you

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To say Yes please in Italian, they say Yes thank you so how would you would say in Italian Yes Please

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Example from Lesson 5: Asking

You may end up doing a lot of asking when you are in Italy, and asking for what you want in the right way is not difficult to learn.

Firstly you can say Can I

Posso poss-o

The verb to have is avere in Italian

Avere av-ay-ray

To say Can I have you would say

Posso avere poss-o av-ay-ray

To say a pizza in Italian you would say una pizza, so how would you say Can I have a pizza please

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If you want to say Can we have two pizzas please then posso (can I) changes to possiamo (can we) and you would say

Possiamo avere due pizze   per favore  
Can we      have   two  pizzas  please

Note how pizza changes to pizze because it has become a plural as you are asking for two pizzas. So the sentence you have just spoken is broken down as follows;

Possiamo avere due pizze   per favore
Can we     have    two pizzas  please

This same principal applies to other sentences, so you just change what it is you are asking for and the number required;

Possiamo avere quattro panini       per favore
Can we     have   four       breadrolls   please

Examples from Lesson 8: The Cafe

There is nothing finer than sitting outside an Italian café, indulging in an Italian coffee and watching the world go by. So to help you get by in a café situation, we have developed this lesson in the order of the situations you would find yourself in when visiting a café.

You approach a café and see the waiter, and could say Hello, how are you?

Buon giorno, come sta
Good  day,       how   are you

You are likely to hear

Bene, e lei
Well,   and you

You would normally reply

Sto  bene grazie
I am well    thank you

The verb to sit is sedere


And the Italian word for inside is 


So try and work out how you would say can we sit inside please

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The word for beer in Italian is birra and the word for coffee is caffe, so to say can we have a beer and a coffee please, you would say

Possiamo avere una birra e     un caffe per favore
Can we      have   a      beer  and  a  coffee please

By lesson 10, you will have learnt some great little inter-connecting words and will be able to say sentences such as;

Possiamo vedere nella camera
Can we      see       in the room
Posso cambiare questo per favore
Can I   change      this       please
Vogliamo imparare più Italiano
We want   to learn    more    Italian

Throughout the lessons Learn and Speak Italian helps you to understand how the Italian language is formed and how to make up sentences using verbs and words.

Learn at your own pace, hear the words being pronounced, see them written phonetically and download each lesson onto your computer to listen again whenever you feel like.

And by the final lesson, you will have learnt about...

  • The basics
  • Plurals
  • Asking for things
  • Essential small words
  • Verbs
  • Time
  • Small inter-connecting words
  • Talking about yourself
  • Hotels
  • Taxis
  • Trains
  • Buses
  • Planes
  • Restaurant situations
  • Getting around
  • Shopping
  • Putting it all together

Molto facile, this is how we do it...
Learn and Speak Italian breaks down each sentence to show you how the language is formed.

Other courses will tell you Non parlo italiano means I don't speak Italian, but... the word "don't" is not actually used by italians, so trying to find an equivalent will only confuse you.

Notice how Learn and Speak Italian shows you what the words of each sentence mean, to help you understand how the Italian language is formed.

Many other courses will tell you that Non parlo Italiano means I don’t speak Italian. Literally translated it doesn’t. The italians do not normally use the word don’t.

Word by word, it means:

Non parlo    Italiano
Not  I speak   Italian

To create other sentences like "I don't eat meat", just look at the sentence as a series of words, as the example above shows. These words are your building blocks, allowing you to get creative and build further sentences:

Non mangio carne
Not  I eat      meat
Non bevo alcolici
Not  I drink      alcohol

As you’ve already heard, Learn and Speak Italian has a native Italian, speak the words and sentences twice. Firstly very slowly and with clarity to enable you to hear how the words and sentences should be spoken and then at a more normal speed.

Learn and Speak Italian consists of 22 manageable on-line lessons and allows you to download each lesson onto your computer, so that you can listen to the lesson again on your music device of choice.

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