Learn and Speak Italian makes learning to speak Italian easier for an English-speaking person. We show you the meaning of individual words, phrases and sentences. This helps you understand how the language is formed and makes it easy to form your own sentences with the words learned.

Most other courses will tell you that "Non Parlo Italiano" means "I don't speak Italian". Literally translated it doesn't !

The Italians do not normally use the word don't, it actually means
"Not I speak Italian", because that's how the Italians say it. So if you're looking for the word don't
in the sentence, you won't find it.

Non   parlo      Italiano
Not    I speak    Italian

Most courses will tell you that "Quando parte il treno?" means
"When does the train depart?" 

It does not !

There is no such word as "does" in Italian, it means "When departs the train?" because that's what the Italians say. So if you're looking for the word "does" in the sentence, you won't find it.

Quando   parte      il       treno
When      departs    the     train

Learn and Speak Italian shows how sentences are formed and exactly what each translated word means so you can use that word again to make up different sentences of your own.

"Only by knowing the meaning of individual words is a sentence, will you be able to re-use those words to construct your own phrases or sentences".

Learn and Speak Italian shows you how to do this, whereas some other courses do not.

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