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Learning a language can sound like hard work, especially when most courses out there come with exhausting explanations and overcomplicated exercises. The result? Headaches and a very little grasp of the language you are studying.

Language learners ourselves, we wanted something that would help anyone gather a small collection of Italian "building blocks" from the very first lesson.

In 2006 we created Learn & Speak Italian, a method that, from the start, enables anyone to get creative and have fun. And since learning a language should fit in with your daily schedule, Learn and Speak Italian is designed to be used from the comfort of your couch, or on the go with your mobile device.

From a simple and effective idea, Learn & Speak Italian has become an online community of people who enjoy Italian and have fun learning new words and expressions. We love Italian films, il calcio, the food, the arts, and now we want you to join us in loving the language.

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