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We break down the Italian language and explain it word for word. This allows you to use words as building blocks, creating your own sentences.

How about some free Italian lessons?

Beginner: Essential Italian

Unsurprisingly many people travel to another country without even knowing how to say "please" or "thank you" in the local language. This lesson is designed to teach you the basics of politeness in Italian.

Beginner: Numbers 1-20

If you don't know your numbers in Italian, how will you order your morning espresso? We begin with numbers 1-20, easy, quick and very useful.

Beginner: "The" and "A"

Italians have two ways of saying "the", with everything referred to as being either masculine or feminine. It’s easier than you think.

Intermediate: The Cafe

To help you get by in this social situation, we have developed this quick lesson to help you fit with the locals, whether at a sunny terrace or a busy loud cafe.

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